Sunday, May 6, 2012

Transformation of the Thesis

I began my research with the intentions of exhibiting the benefits of alternative education, just with Naropa in mind. I planned on focusing on all types of school which differs from the traditional 4-year model, including technical colleges. I decided to focus instead solely on the spiritual aspect of some universities, deciding to use Naropa as my main focus. Slowly, the positive light with which I was trying to depict Naropa in became impossible to present, as more and more negative factors began to show. I then shifted my focus from praising Naropa itself, to pointing out its flaws in the context of privatization, and the fact that despite its Buddhist roots, it is a business after all. By looking at other for- profit universities, as well as schools with spiritually inclined curriculum, it became evident that the education at Naropa is not worth the price paid. Because of the imbalance between the cost and quality of education, Naropa is no different than any overpriced online chain school, in that it observes the needs of its students, and capitalizes on them, in this case those needs are spiritual ones.

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